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Our Story

1985. Concord, NH

Our love for doing what we do started in 1985 with our first restaurant, Tio Juan’s, in Concord, NH.  The first Margaritas Mexican Restaurant followed soon thereafter in Orono, Maine with our first partner Stan Bagley. A few months later, my 21-year-old brother Dave Pelletier partnered up with us and, with help from many people, started opening more locations in Maine and New Hampshire.  

With me lining up new locations and Dave concentrating on operations and our guests, things began to heat up and really take shape. Our Margaritas family grew every year, with amazing people having a lot of fun making fajitas, tacos, and shaking Margaritas.  We knew if our restaurants were going to be special, we needed more Mexico in the recipe than anyone else.  

With that belief, we took the first of countless adventures to Mexico in search of carved chairs, furnishings, artwork, and colorful tile by the truckload. And of course, to bring back the best flavors we could make back home, for a true Mexican experience for everyone.  We realized the magic and soul of Margaritas was about you and our people having fun with the connection to Mexico... without having to get on a plane.  

From the 90s to today, we organized trips to central Mexico for managers and staff to immerse themselves in the food and culture that we love so much.  At Margaritas, it’s always been about the love and having fun.  We are proud of our teams, past and present, and the thousands of you that helped and supported us along the way. 

Today’s Margaritas is a summation of all we have learned so far. We look forward to many more decades of icy Margaritas, delicious Mexican food, and good times while making memories with all of you.

Thanks for everything, 
John Pelletier


Nogales, Mexico, 1985 - loading first truck with décor to drive back east
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