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Made from the blue agave plant, Tequila has become the most well-known and well-loved Mexican drinks. Much like Scotch Whiskey, which can only bear the name Scotch if it was made in Scotland, Tequila must be made in the Mexican state of Jalisco or in select regions surrounding the city of Tequila, Mexico, in order to be labeled as Tequila. As of 2013, according to the Tequila Regulatory Council, there were 1,377 registered tequila brands and 150 producers in Mexico. With so many brands to choose from how do you know which is best? At Margaritas we have whittled down the list to our favorite Tequila brands, taking into consideration flavor, price and quality. We serve all of our favorite Tequila brands at every Margarita location, straight up, on the rocks or mixed into one of our many Margaritas or other tequila concoctions. Tequila Brands


Sauza tequila is produced in Tequila, Mexico by the Sauza Tequila Import Company, which was founded in 1873. It is made from the nectar of the blue agave and extracted juices of the pina in a method known as fresh pressed agave. The Sauza Blue Silver Tequila is 100% agave Tequila with distinct citrus flavors and an aroma of herbs and spice. It is our choice Tequila for a number of our specialty drinks including the Pepino Marg, Guavanero Marg, Blood Orange Marg, and Mexican Mojito. It’s also a great Tequila to use in any of our favorite margs – with a balanced body and a distinctive agave taste – it will create a consistently smooth flavor that will definitely have you asking for seconds. Or try the Sauza Commerativo, its aged in medium toasted American oak casks giving it a woody taste, medium body and a mildly bitter citric taste. If you are in the mood for something warming try the Sauza Gold. It has hints of caramel, vanilla and cooked agave. You can get any of these delicious varieties served up, on the rocks or blended into one of our many margarita recipes.


Hornitos tequila is also made in Tequila, Mexico and produces 100% blue agave tequilas. The Hornitos Plata is a double distilled, unaged Tequila that tastes delicious combined with St. Germain liqueur and a sugar rim in our Silver Star Margarita. With a hint of floral and herbal notes, Hornitos Plata Tequila adds a smooth flavor to any Margarita you choose to combine it with. Or if you really want to taste the flavor of the agave try the Hornitos Reposado. We use it in our Strawberry Basil Margarita but also recommend it straight up or on the rocks.

Tres Generaciones

Tres Generaciones Tequila is the third brand of Tequila founded by the Sauza family and was in fact named to honor three generations of successful Tequila makers. Tres Generaciones is their premium brand and is triple distilled for extra smoothness. At Margaritas we serve the Tres Generaciones Anejo, which has been aged for an even smoother and richer taste.

Jose Cuervo

We aren’t alone in our choice of Jose Cuervo as one of our top Tequila brands. As of 2013, Jose Cuervo was the best-selling Tequila in the world. Founded by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo in 1795, Jose Cuervo has been family owned since the start, with the current owners direct descendants of the original founder. At Margaritas we serve a number of Jose Cuervo varieties including Cuervo Gold, Cuervo Silver Especial, Cuervo Tradicional and Cuervo Reserve de Familia Extra Anejo. While they all taste delicious mixed with one of our many margarita varieties, if you want your Tequila straight up or on the rocks, the Cuervo Reserve de Familia Extra Anejo is hard to beat.

  • Cuervo Gold: a blend of aged and younger tequilas
  • Cuervo Silver Especial: a smooth and balanced blend of agave, caramel and fresh herbs
  • Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado: 100% blue agave rested tequila. It has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months, giving it the smooth and subtle complexity that aficionados seek. Tradicional is the original Cuervo® tequila, and it is still the number one premium tequila in Mexico.
  • Cuervo Reserve de Familia Extra Anejo: aged in French and American oak barrels for at least 3 years with a velvet finish

1800 Tequila

The 1800 brand was named after the year Tequila was first produced and is owned by the same family that owns Jose Cuervo. It is bottled in Jalisco, Mexico and claims to still use the original distillation process, authentic masonry kilns and copper pot stills.


Founded in 1870 by Felix Lopez, Herradura’s distilleries are located in Jalisco, Mexico. Here at Margaritas we serve the Herradura Reposado, which has tastes of vanilla and butter with a spicy aroma. We also serve the Herradura Blanco, a sweet and clean tequila with hints of cooked and raw agave, citrus and fruits. Tequila Brands


Milagro is a modern Tequila brand, founded in 1998 by Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi. The brand partners with local Mexican artists to create murals and distinctive art to communicate its 21st century Mexican cultural feel of their company. Milagro is not only hip and creative, it’s also tasty. Milagro Tequilas are slow roasted in clay ovens and then triple distilled. Everything is estate grown and hand selected.


Founded in 2007, Tanteo is another modern brand that has managed to create one of our favorite jalapeno infused Tequilas. So if you are looking for a refreshing spirit with a bit of spice, this is your drink. You can find it on our menu on the Tequila specials page listed as Tanteo Jalepeno.

Cabo Wabo

Created by rock musician Sammy Hagar of Van Halen and named after his favorite place, Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Wabo tequila is made from the blue agave which is cooked in stone steam heated ovens and double distilled. It is bottled in hand blown artisan glass bottles and said to be a thick cut Tequila.

Maestro Dobel

Maestro Dobel was introduced in 2008 and named in 2009 by Bloomberg Businessweek as the one of the world’s 20 best tasting Tequilas. Here at Margaritas, we tend to agree, which is why we feature the Maestro Dobel Extra-Anejo premium Tequila on our menu. It has been aged in American white oak barrels and then paired with a European oak reserve for a deeper flavor.


The original Patron Tequila was made at one of the oldest Mexican distilleries up until 2002 when it was moved. Today, Patron is one of the most well know brands in the US with a variety of products and flavors. At Margaritas we love the Patron Silver, a smooth and sweet Tequila with hints of fruit and citrus and a light pepper finish.

Don Julio

Considered to be the world’s first luxury tequila, Don Julio set the stage for a whole new genre of Tequilas. Today, Don Julio, by volume is the eighth largest brand in the US and the eleventh largest in Mexico. Our favorite Don Julio tequila is the Don Julio Blanco, crisp, dry and clear with citrus and pepper notes. If you are looking for a premium Tequila to sip on the rocks or straight up the Don Julio Silver is a sophisticated choice.


Tarantula Azul, our preferred Tarantula spirit, is a mix of blue agave Tequila and natural citrus liquor. We use it in our Spider Cider Margaritas as the perfect complement to sour apple schnapps. As you can see we take our Tequila seriously at Margaritas. Served alone or in one of our over 20 different Margaritas, Tequila is the perfect complement to a hearty Mexican meal. So come on down to Margaritas, and tell us what Tequila makes the top of your list!

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