Frozen or on the rocks? It’s the quintessential question when it comes to enjoying the world’s greatest beverage – the margarita! Here at Margaritas we serve a lot of them. With 22 different margaritas on our menu and hundreds of possibilities to make using all our different tequilas, we like to think we know a thing or two about the subject.

Though, lately we have been wondering – what’s the preference – on the rocks or frozen? What do you prefer? We decided to poll some of our expert margarita makers scattered throughout our many locations from Portsmouth, NH to Waltham, MA to Auburn, ME and everywhere in between. What we found was a definitive preference for…

Margarita on the rocksMargarita On the Rocks

The clear winner, at least for the Margarita mixologists, was margarita on the rocks. Of the 12 experts polled, 10 said they preferred the rocks. As Patrick Dowling, veteran bartender and longtime Margarita consumer stated, “The margarita is better on the rocks because it better expresses the intensity of the relationship between the tequila and the citrus flavors of the drink. While the blended drink is good, the slushy consistency gets in the way of the drink flavors themselves; the cold factor changes the flavor profile.”

Cathy, of the Portsmouth Margaritas and Alyssa of Nashua, echoed Patrick’s sentiments saying that margaritas on the rocks have more flavor. Liz from our Framingham location had some advice, “Classic margaritas like our naked, fresh-squeezed margaritas are best this way [on the rocks] (don’t ask for one of those frozen), but some of the flavored varieties like our Blue Hawaiiarita has more flavor when it’s frozen.”

Frozen Margs

The margarita on the rocks may be the favorite, but as Katie, from the Medford Margaritas said, “If I were giving advice to someone who didn’t really want a strong drink, I would suggest a frozen margarita because it still tastes good, but it cuts the tequila flavor.” Another common sentiment was that margaritas made with purees, such as strawberry, peach or coconut, tastes better in the frozen form. Frozen margs can be a refreshingly delicious option in the hot summer months, with their slushy consistency and fruity flavors, they just make you feel like you’re relaxing.

Do you agree with our mixologists? If you are still unsure, come into one of our many Margaritas locations and try one of each! (Maybe not all of them during one visit).

Here is a quick list of the many different margaritas we offer and how we recommend they be served:

  • Original Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Hornitos Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Cuervo Tradicional Margarita: On the Rocks
  • The Naked Lime: On the Rocks
  • The Naked Jalapeno: On the Rocks
  • Strawberry Margarita: Frozen
  • Raspberry Margarita: Frozen
  • Heavens to Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Lime in the Coconut Margarita: Frozen
  • Blue Hawaiiarita: On the Rocks
  • Prickly Cactus Margarita: On the Rocks
  • La Chica Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Mad Melon Margarita: Frozen
  • Russelrita: Frozen
  • Pomegranate Margarita: Frozen
  • Ginger Peach Margarita: Frozen
  • Pepino: On the Rocks
  • Guavanero: On the Rocks
  • Strawberry Basil Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Blood Orange Margarita: On the Rocks
  • Spider Cider Margarita: Frozen
  • Silver Star Margarita: On the Rocks

To be sure the margaritas don’t get the best of you, we have an extensive Mexican inspired menu full of tacos, chimichangas, fresh guac and more! So next time you need an excuse to get away, just say you’re headed to Margaritas to do some important research – getting to the bottom of the on the rocks or frozen margarita debate.

So next time you need an excuse to get away, just say you’re headed to Margaritas to do some important research – getting to the bottom of the on the rocks or frozen margarita debate.

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