Nashua, NH

Situated in a historic mill, on top of a functioning hydro-plant with two waterfront patios and excellent views of downtown and the Nashua River, Margaritas loves Nashua, NH and you will too. Known as the gateway to New Hampshire, Nashua is often referred to as the “gate city” and draws visitors from around New England for its tax-free shopping at Pheasant Lane Mall and popular attractions such as the Nashua Riverwalk, Mines Falls Park , historic Holman Stadium and Greely Park.

During the summer Nashua hosts the downtown concert series and a week after Thanksgiving, Main Street shuts down for the holiday stroll when roughly 30,000 people fill downtown, perusing the open air booths filled with art and merchandise.

Originally settled as a fur-trading town in the mid-1600s, Nashua eventually developed into a textile mill community during the Industrial Revolution thanks to its location on the Nashua River. Today, many of these old mills have been revitalized and turned into apartments and business spaces to support the economic expansion of Southern New Hampshire.

So whether you are just passing through the gate city or Nashua is your final destination, be sure to stop in to Margaritas where you will experience the hospitality and culture of Mexico while choosing from an array of Mexican flavors found in our extensive, something-for-everyone menu.