Manchester, NH

Making our home in Manchester since 2001, Margaritas is proud to be a part of this bustling New Hampshire city, where The Fisher Cats play ball at the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and the Verizon Wireless Arena attracts thousands of music, sports and comedy enthusiasts every year. As a part of the Manchester community, we annually participate in The Hippo’s Downtown Taco Tour and Chili contest, and have supported the UNH hockey team in years past, serving as the site for the official UNH fan headquarters for games at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Located in the heart of downtown Manchester, Margaritas is within walking distance of all the local attractions.

As a predominately French-Canadian mill town in the 1800s, Manchester has many old historic mill buildings, which at one point produced everything from cotton to shoes and cigars to rifles and fire engines. Mill No. 11 located in Manchester, was the largest cotton Mill in the world in 1846, when the city was incorporated. In 1807 when Samuel Blodget created the canal and lock system to allow vessels to pass around the falls, he envisioned Manchester becoming a great industrial town, much like Manchester, England, hence the name.

Today, Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire as well as the largest city in northern New England (which is made up of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont). Because of its size and continued economic growth, “Manch Vegas” or “The Queen City” as it has been nicknamed, has a little something for everyone. If theater or art is your thing, grab a bite to eat at Margaritas and then take a short stroll down the street to the The Palace Theater for a show or check out the latest exhibitions at the Currier Museum of Art. Or you might get lucky and be in town during one of the city’s many festivals, be it The Hippo de Mayo Taco Tour, the St. Patty’s Day Parade, The Santa Shuffle or the annual Chili Contest. Rest assured though, no matter the time of year, Manchester won’t leave you bored and Margaritas will always be here to keep you full and hydrated. So no matter what you decide to do in Manchester, be sure to stop in for what some call the best Manchester, NH Mexican restaurant. We look forward to serving you!