Keene, NH

Our Margaritas restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire is perhaps the most historically significant out of all the Margaritas locations. That’s because our Keene, NH Margs is located on Main Street in what once was the home of Henry David Thoreau’s mother, Cynthia Dunbar. While Margaritas has inhabited the building since 1999, it has a rich history dating all the way back to 1785 when it was built by Asa Dunbar. Asa, formerly a minister from Salem Mass., became a lawyer in Keene the same year the house was built. He died in 1787 at age 41. His wife Mary supported her five small children by opening the house as a tavern. Her youngest child, Cynthia, born in this house, would later become the mother of Henry David Thoreau.

The house was at times a boarding house, a lunch business frequented by Rudyard Kipling, the Crystal Restaurant, and for many years was a restaurant called Henry David’s. Today, of course, it is Margaritas. It is rumored that Cynthia Dunbar’s ghost still haunts the building, most often found in the older areas of the restaurant where the original kitchen would have been.

In addition to its Henry David Thoreau claim to fame, Keene is known for its proximity to Mt. Monadnock and Keene State College. Right next door to Margaritas is the Colonial Theater and 10 minutes away is the Cheshire Fairgrounds. If you visit in the spring be sure to check out the Monadnock Film Festival.

Beauty abounds in this NH college town, especially during autumn when the leaves begin to change and Mt. Monadnock transforms into a breathtaking display of yellows, oranges and reds. At Margaritas we have the perfect location for taking in the outdoors, with one of the best outdoor patios in town. We have ample seating and plenty of space for people watching! So next time you are in town, be it to visit Keene State, hike Mt. Monadnock, or see a show at the Colonial Theater, be sure to stop in for a taste of the best Mexican food around. We have a full menu with over 20 different margaritas and a vibrant south of the border atmosphere.