Here at Margaritas, our littlest amigos are among our favorite guests—which is why we place a huge emphasis on our kids dining options. While some may think that our restaurant is suited for adult tastes only, parents have known for years that Margaritas is a great atmosphere for the whole family and that’s why they keep coming back. We know the importance of a family night out and that means keeping everyone happy and entertained. Kids play an important role in picking where to go for dinner, and we love being their favorite!

Part of the allure for the kids is the cheerfulness and fun of our restaurants. Our décor is bright and colorful and sets an atmosphere of happy wonder for anyone sitting inside. Rumor has it the longest known game of “I Spy” was played in our Nashua location in 2002 by little Jimmy Dowling who beat his grandpa in a three-hour marathon.

Our team is great with kids too—always taking the time to make sure they are heard and attended to. We offer coloring activities for all and in some locations balloons and Wikki Stixs to help keep them occupied. But we also have great kids dining options as well, and that’s the biggest reason families keep coming back.

Kid-friendly Favorites!

Our Kids Menu has always been a reflection of our regular menu—just in smaller versions. Our Neato Burrito and Kids Taco are very simple items that most kids enjoy. We also have the ever-popular Glad-To-See-Ya Quesadilla, a simple quesadilla that consists of cheese melted in a flour tortilla— the perfect choice for that youngster also favors a grilled cheese.

For the older kids, we offer a Kid Fajita with either grilled chicken or steak. Like all fajitas, this comes with tortillas on the side so kids can take their time to build their best fajitas with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. This is the perfect selection for the budding culinary talent in the family who likes to create his or her own best bites.

Say Cheeeese!

Cheese seems to be a big favorite for the young palate, so we always offer our Gnarly Nachos—our famous tortilla chips covered in melted cheese (no frills). One of our newer kid menu items—the Amigo Pizza—is also one of our cheesiest menu options. While it may look like a pizza, it is actually a grilled flour tortilla (nice and crisp) topped with our Queso Cheese Sauce and Ground Beef. It’s a great taste and an excellent gateway into the finer tastes of our adult menu. A real cheesy pleaser!

Options Galore!

Still can’t sell junior on Mexican food? We know that sometimes kids will only eat what they want to eat, so we like to give you options that everyone will enjoy. Our Kids Menu features a Bandito Burger (with or without cheese), a Kids Grilled Chicken sandwich, our Fiesta Fish sticks and crispy Kickin’ Chicken Fingers, which always seems to be a crowd pleaser (peek inside our kitchen late at night and you’ll find our staff ordering those chicken fingers for themselves too).

So Many Sides!

When it comes to sides, we’ve made some changes in the last couple years. Guests wanted healthier choices, so that is now what we offer. In addition to the Mexican staples of Beans or Rice, we also offer Diced Cucumber, Orange Wedges, Corn or Diced Pineapple. There’s a side for everyone and parents can feel good about the options. Best of all, kids really love the new sides. It seems that after all these years, all the kids needed was more options.

It’s Smoothie Time!

And how do you get a child to stop asking for a sip of your Strawberry Margarita? Order them one of our Non-alcoholic Smoothies. Made to order, these frozen delights come in flavors like strawberry, banana, coconut, raspberry, peach or even guava—all served with a dollop of whipped cream and cherry too.

So next time you are visiting your local Margaritas and you see a smiling child, know that we take great pride in every smile we deliver to guests of all ages. For some youngsters, these dining options represent their first experience with Mexican food and we’re happy we can be a part of it.

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