Visiting Artists

Every year Margaritas hosts award-winning and internationally recognized artists from Mexico to tour selected local schools and Margaritas restaurants. Each artist works in a specific medium such as ceramics, wood carving, papier-mâché or weaving.

A visiting artist will set up a basic “workshop” and complete an original work of art. The event coordinator translates for the artist during a FAQ. Events typically run from 4:00 to 9:00pm. Pat Picciano, program coordinator and interpreter, accompanies the artists as they visit the schools and arts organizations, providing students with a unique and wonderful insight into Mexican culture and folk art.

Meet Our Artists



From a long family tradition of mask making and wood carving, Manuel Abeiro Horta and his brother Modesto Horta are continuing the legacy of their late father, Juan Horta Castillo. Recognized as one of the best traditional mask makers in Mexico, Juan Horta had exhibited his art throughout Mexico and the United States. He was the first artist to participate in Margaritas Visiting Artist Program. In December 2006, only six weeks after a tour with Margaritas visiting New England, Juan died of a heart attack in Mexico. His five sons are all continuing the family tradition and travel to Margaritas to demonstrate their craft. Like their father, each son has his own personal touch and style that personifies an Horta Family mask. Manuel Abeiro Horta particularly enjoys carving animal masks and adorning them with hair and whiskers made from the hide of wild boars. Modesto Horta is known for his elaborately carved high relief devil masks. They paint the masks with lacquer based automobile paints. It is not uncommon for the masks to be used for 3 to 4 days as dancers parade from street to street reenacting ancient plays and dances. Both brothers have exhibited their masks in exhibitions in the United States and Mexico.

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