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Our Fundraiser Have Generated over $640,000  For Local Community Organizations! 

Part of our mission at Margaritas is to support local community organizations. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through the Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night) Fundraisers hosted at each of our restaurants. These great events are easy to set up, fun to attend, and can be profitable for your organization. 20% of all pre-tax, food and beverage purchases by the fundraiser participants will be donated to your 501(c)3 or non-profit school organization.


Want to get involved?

Together, we’ll determine a date and time for the fundraiser and put it on our calendar. Margaritas will provide you with templates for flyers and handbills filled in with the event information for you to copy and distribute to your database and local supporters. Be sure to plan your event at least a month in advance so you have enough time to get it on as many people’s calendars as possible. In order to participate in any fundraising event with Margaritas, you must submit of you 501(c)3 or tax exempt certificate and W-9 form to your host restaurant before the date can be finalized.

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