Can’t decide between a nice cold brew and a freshly squeezed margarita? Why choose when you can have them both in one epically refreshing drink dubbed the Coronarita. It’s the perfect combination of a margarita and a Corona and pairs perfectly with our south of the border flavors.

If this is your first introduction to the Coronarita, let us explain. A Coronarita is margarita (frozen or on the rocks) with a mini-Corona flipped upside down into the margarita, so that the Corona can slowly release into the marg. While the original recipe calls for a 7 oz. Corona bottle in an original margarita, it can be created with any margarita you choose. We recommend the Coronarita be concocted using the original margarita for the classic taste, our with our Spider Cider or Sour Apple margarita for a more daring flavor. Or if you want to spice things up a bit, try our Spicy Coronarita made with Tanteo tropical tequila, triple sec, Margaritas fresh made Squeeze and a Coronita.

Here’s our recipe:

2 FL OZ Tanteo Tropical Tequila
1 FL OZ Triple Sec
2.5 FL OZ of Margaritas Squeeze
7 OZ Coronita Bottle

The Tanteo Tropical tequila used in our spicy Coronarita is made using jalapenos and tropical flavors. As the liquor ages, the jalapeno flavor becomes more prominent, meaning the longer we have it the more fiery it becomes! And if the Tanteo Tropical is still not bringing the heat, try the extra spicy Tanteo Jalapeno tequila in your Coronarita. As true margarita lovers know, it’s all about the tequila.

Corona + Margarita = the Coronarita!

Spice or no spice, the Coronarita combos at Margaritas are almost endless. With over 20 different margaritas on our menu, there’s a Coronarita for just about everyone. So next time you’re in the mood for some Mexican or can’t decide between a Corona and a marg, just remember the Coronarita, served fresh daily at Margaritas.

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