Teachers and Student Testimonials


“I like the fact that you take something like restaurant décor/furnishings and humanize it–making my students think about where it comes from and more importantly, the people who make it. The food is excellent”  – Toby Frank, Spanish Teacher – Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

“The program was wonderful because the students were able to see a real artist at work. They also enjoyed asking questions and hearing Spanish” – Elizabeth Vanelli, Art Teacher – Stafford Middle School, Stafford, CT

“It was great! The kids get to see, hear, touch and smell Mexico–right here in Augusta, Maine” – Jana Diket, Spanish Teacher – Windsor Elementary School, Windsor, ME

“I, along with the other chaperones and students, thought the program was wonderful. It was such a nice mix of information. The DVD presentation, tour, lessons from the chef and food were excellent.” – Carla Savage, Spanish Teacher – Campton School, Campton, NH

“Fabulous—up front and real—a valuable opportunity for our children to see, hear from native Spanish speakers and learn about how they live.” – Barbara Rado Mosseau, Curriculum Administrator – MSAD53, Pittsfield, ME

“Wonderful opportunity to see artists at work. Our students don’t often see this. Very positive Hispanic role models.” – Eileen Emmons, Teacher – Windham Center Elementary School, Windham, CT

“Outstanding!!! The whole experience was amazing. The DVD was educational and entertaining. The food was delicious and all of the art work was beautiful!” – Jennifer Cedrone, Spanish Teacher – Norton Middle School, Norton, MA


“I really loved the Mexican artwork and the tiles. The designs were great and everything was so colorful. I liked that everything was made in Mexico. It made me feel like I was there.”

“I liked the kindness of the wait staff. They handled all of our requests while smiling. Everybody was so nice and patient.”

“The enchiladas were incredible. I inhaled mine.”

“The DVD movie clips were so interesting and our presenter knew a whole lot about Mexico.”

“I like that they make everything fresh. The salsa was juicy and I liked the spicy one too.”

“I will definitely go back because the their food was healthy and delicious at the same time.”


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