Visiting Artists

Every year Margaritas hosts award-winning and internationally recognized artists from Mexico to tour selected local schools and Margaritas restaurants. Each artist works in a specific medium such as ceramics, wood carving, papier-mâché or weaving.

A visiting artist will set up a basic “workshop” and complete an original work of art. The event coordinator translates for the artist during a FAQ. Events typically run from 4:00 to 9:00pm. Pat Picciano, program coordinator and interpreter, accompanies the artists as they visit the schools and arts organizations, providing students with a unique and wonderful insight into Mexican culture and folk art.

Meet Our Artists



Welcome to a world of fantasy, imagination, humor and color…all combined in these delightfully whimsical figures by Carlos Munoz and Albert Ickenroth. Albert is a native Dutchman, where he studied art and culture as a youth, became enamored of the great masters, and ultimately discovered his talent for working in papier mâché, bronze and copper. In the mid-1970’s he vacationed in Mexico and was fascinated by the people, culture, colors andwildlife. He returned on a more permanent basis and met Carlos Munoz, a native Mexican who also studied art. The two began working together as the Carlos-Albert team in 1990, creating life-size and larger animals in ceramics as well as papier-mâché.

Margaritas restaurants have been exhibiting the work of CarlosAlbert for years. Their giant suns and exotic animals can be seen perched on tiled roofs and climbing stuccoed walls. In the photo on the left you can see a large 3′ papier mache sun, which we feature in many of our restaurants. A visit to each restaurant reveals new creations and imaginative art that is imported from Mexico every year. Margaritas is committed to sharing its wealth of knowledge about Mexico, and information about these artists and other like them. Visit a location near you and see for yourself. Join us as we welcome these artists from CarlosAlbert in your community!

Cesar Velazquez and Erica Corona have been working with CarlosAlbert for over 6 six years. They both come from folk art families; Erica is the great granddaughter of Panteleón Panduro, the famous figurine sculptor whose work has spun off many ceramic workshops. Cesar and Erica have worked in the studios of Sergio Bustamante, whom many consider the catalyst for the fusion of traditional folk art with contemporary craft in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. They will be casting their sculptures with papier-mâché and painting with acrylic paints.

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