Two People

Hospitality Without Boundaries


Margaritas aims to be the nation’s premier organization of casual dining Mexican restaurants. We will do so by providing our guests with the most entertaining dining experience reminiscent of a Mexican vacation. We passionately deliver consistent unique experiences wrapped in the festive sights, sounds, energy, fun and flavors of a part of the world that is so rich and colorful. We will provide all who work with us a friendly, cooperative and rewarding environment which encourages long- term, satisfying, growth employment.

Guests – We will treat our guests by the Golden Rule and create value for them. We will serve our guests as more than customers. We serve them as friends and thank each one of them for the opportunity to serve them.

Each Other – We are the ambassadors and curators of our own culture. We encourage individuality, personality and creativity. We will encourage and support each other to achieve quality of life both personally and professionally.

Community – We will be a positive contributor to the communities in which we do business.


We are relentless in our focus on 100% guest satisfaction and loyalty, driving sales and increasing profits. We will be recognized as one of the most admired companies in America.

Our Values

These are the INGREDIENTS which guide the activities and actions of everyone at Margaritas. They demonstrate our belief that the manner in which we work must be purposeful and carry the same sense of significance as the outcomes we are trying to achieve. We are:

Inspiring – We eagerly lead and coach our team members to strive for greatness while remaining passionate and committed to having fun.

Nice – We are nice to everyone. We like to smile and laugh. We are kind and generous in all manners of relationships with our guests and with each other.

Goal Oriented – We set goals and always begin with a clear vision of the end in mind. We acknowledge the importance of clear, precise communication throughout all levels of our organization and will strive towards making sure those channels remain clear and free-flowing.

Reliable – We can always be counted on. We act with a sense of urgency on all matters related to our guests and each other. We look for creative ways to provide our guests with solutions for unusual or unexpected requests.

Ethical – We model integrity by being honest and respectful. We are accountable for our own actions and behaviors. We will not tolerate deceit, dishonesty, fraud or corruption. We value and protect the safety and health of our employees and guests.

Devoted – We work smart and hard for the good of our guests, each other and our communities. We are courageous and open to new ideas while managing risks.

Involved – We are actively involved in building community relationships and making a positive difference in our communities. We are generous and charitable with our guests and our team members.

Edgy – We will stay true to the roots of our success while we continue to develop in relevant and stimulating ways. We are vigilant explorers always searching for new ways to enhance our appeal.

Neighborly – We are welcoming and driven by a desire to make people feel good. We are always friendly and courteous, as well as fair and compassionate. We always say hello and goodbye and thank you.

Team Oriented – We are committed to building and being part of great teams that work together for common goals. We reward positive attitudes, outstanding hospitality and teamwork.

Service Professionals – We see opportunities for hospitality in everything we do. We challenge ourselves every day to provide the best possible Margaritas experience to every guest. We are dedicated to setting the bar for remarkable service and to be the best in class for our industry.